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Woman holding her jaw due to bruxism pain in need of treatment at Eric J. Sadler, DDS & Associates in Winston-Salem and Greensboro, NCNighttime mouth guards are dental devices worn over the teeth to prevent them from being injured and damaged. There are a few conditions that can necessitate the use of nighttime mouth guards. At Eric J. Sadler, DDS & Associates, we can recommend you the use of nighttime mouth guards if you suffer from bruxism, TMJ disorders, or sleep apnea.

What is Bruxism

Bruxism, also known as teeth clenching and grinding, is a common condition, which can occur either awake or sleeping; however, people may not be aware of their teeth clenching when they are asleep. Some symptoms that can alert you that you suffer from bruxism while sleeping include:
•  Jaw pain
•  Facial tension and ache.
•  Dull headaches.
•  Fatigue from lack of restful sleep.

If your bruxism remains untreated, it can be very devastating to your teeth. You may wear down your enamel, cause tooth fractures, cause failure of dental restoration devices, and in severe cases, even lose your teeth.
Although no exact cause of bruxism is known, many doctors believe the condition is associated with stress and anxiety.

What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is another common but potentially dangerous condition that occurs while you are sleeping. People who suffer from sleep apnea may experience the back of their throat sagging down and blocking their airway. As a result, the person stops breathing and wakes up to resume respiration.
Since the waking time is very short, often just a fraction of a second, the person may not even remember they may have woken up in the night. In severe cases, you may experience such episodes hundreds of times in the night.
Sleep apnea, if left untreated, can be dangerous since it reduces the flow of oxygen to your brain, resulting in a number of health issues. In addition, it can pose a complication if the person requires surgery under general anesthesia.

Use of Nighttime Mouth Guards

In many cases, bruxism and sleep apnea may be treated by wearing a night guard before going to bed. Nighttime mouth guards are made of soft but firm plastic, which places a barrier between your teeth.
If you have bruxism, a night guard can absorb the force exerted by your jaw and cushion the impact of your teeth. This protects your teeth from damage.
If you have sleep apnea, a nighttime mouth guard can help reposition your jaw so that your airway does not close up during the night.

Types of Nighttime Mouth Guards

There are several different kinds of nighttime mouth guards available:
•  One-size-fits-all: These mouth guards can be bought at any pharmaceutical store and are the cheapest option. However, they do not fit well and are not very effective.
•  Boil and bite: These mouth guards are boiled in water until they become soft. You can then bite them to mold them to the impression of your teeth. However, these mouth guards are not the best quality and may break easily.
•  Custom mouth guards: Custom mouth guards are made to fit your teeth exactly. These mouth guards are made at Eric J. Sadler, DDS & Associates by taking the impressions of your teeth and sending the molds to a dental lab which can fabricate your custom mouth guard. These offer superior fit and comfort, are very durable, and highly effective when treating certain conditions.

If you suffer from bruxism, sleep apnea, or a TMJ disorder, Eric J. Sadler, DDS and David Plummer, DDS at Eric J. Sadler, DDS & Associates can examine your mouth health and may recommend you the use of nighttime mouth guards. Call us today at (336) 331-5271 to schedule an appointment with us.


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